Admission is Approaching

Lookout! UNIABIDJAN opens room for admission soon. Get ready to join a generation and leaders that is poised to be positive radical changes in their various communities.

2 thoughts on “Admission is Approaching

  1. Greetings Sir/Madam
    I write to ask some questions and I wish to get replies to them.I am a post graduate holder of Marketing Management from Werkele Business University Budapest,Hungary.Can my certificate be recognised and I take just a semester to do masters?How much does it cost to do Masters in Marketing?How can I apply and where?

  2. Good day Verlda Lesiga Doh.
    Thank you for wanting to know about our University.

    First of all, we have not started Masters programme in Marketing. What we have basically for now is Masters in Strategic Management, Human Resource Management and MBA in Project Management.

    Secondly, the minimum duration for any Masters (accelerated programme) at UNIABIDJAN is two semesters and this costs 5, 182 US dollars.

    You can apply once you are interested in any of the available programmes.

    For more information, contact:

    Best regards.

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