UNIABIDJAN promotes French-English bilingualism among her students through Intensive Language Programme

The University of Abidjan (UNIABIDJAN) is set out to be a full-fledged bilingual citadel of learning which is able to produce professionals who will be comfortable working in both English and French languages. The Intensive Language Programme is a proactive measure of UNIABIDJAN to remain true to her vision which has bilingualism as one of its distinctive advantages vis-à-vis other higher institutions of learning in Cote d’Ivoire.

The Intensive course is aimed at providing thorough and comprehensive language training to her students, both returning and prospective. It mainly focuses on two languages: English and French and for a specific period of time. At the end of the program, UNIABIDJAN students, who are either of Francophone or Anglophone backgrounds, will be able to confidently use their second language (English or French as a foreign language, as the case may be) not only as a working tool but also as a means of socialization.

Speaking on the core objectives of this program, Mr Oluwatosin Samuel Dada, the Deputy Academic Director, mentioned that the intensive language course seeks to: strengthen the level of proficiency of all students, especially in the second language (at least); facilitate the students’ migration within the university’s various curricula; ascertain and build up the language proficiency of new intake and prospective students; better equip  students for their specialization-centred training when normal semester works resume – among other advantages of the language course.

This ambitious bilingualism program, which is not limited to UNIABIDJAN students but also members of the public, will be declared open on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 by the Academic Director of the university. The intensive course will end by December 2018.

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