Relax and network with other professionals while perfecting your level in a foreign language

Relaxation, Networking and Practice! No more, no less. Three key words that capture the whole essence of the UNIABIDJAN Language Club; a subset of the UNIABIDJAN Leaders Club, a larger umbrella body that brings together all UNIABIDJAN students and gives life to extra-curricular activities on campus.

The language club seeks to bridge cultural gap, create a sense of unity and promote bilingualism/multilingualism among members of the university community who are from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Its activities include vocabulary development and grammar series, group discussions, debates, quiz competitions, educational movie shows, poetry, songs and drama, symposiums, personality development talk-shows, entrepreneurial round tables, leadership and mentoring, and volunteer community services.

UNIABIDJAN Language Club is as well open to members of the public; students and workers alike. Members pay token monthly subscription fees for refreshments and to keep the club activities running smoothly and independently. Category A and B members who are UNIABIDJAN students and members of the public pay 5000F; Category C are Universite Felix Houphouet Boigny students who pay 2000F; and Category D are working class club members (UBA, GTB, AfDB,CIE, IMF etc) who pay 10, 000F a month.

Club activities are anchored in both English and French and they are geared primarily towards recreation, professional networking and language practice. Members converge at the UNIABIDJAN Multipurpose Hall every Saturday from 9am to 12 noon.

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