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We provide a platform for learners and professionals to acquire knowledge with top-level lecturers and facilitators in a small class environment.

A dual language institution, The University of Abidjan (UNIABIDJAN) was established in 2016 with the Ivorian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s operating license (Arrêté N°00207/MESRS/DGESIP/Kae).

We provide opportunity for learners to study and earn their degrees in English or French. Our programmes and trainings are therefore, fully delivered either in English or French, depending on the language preference of the learner. However, learners have the opportunity of taking some of the courses under a programme in the second language (French or English) where available. This is with the ultimate goal to making our students bilingual Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

  • Our Vision

We are a team driven and devoted to providing an inclusive platform for all to achieve lifelong learning and lifetime ambition.

  • Our Mission

We provide a platform for learners and professionals to acquire knowledge with top-level lecturers and facilitators in a small class environment.

    • Our  Values

    Our values are founded on respect for unhindered pursuit of knowledge, continuous learning, leadership, excellence, discovery and creativity.

    Every member of the university is expected to uphold these values through self-discipline, quest for knowledge, integrity, honesty, trust, professionalism, innovation, fairness, hard work and respect toward stakeholders and community.

  • Our Goal

    To provide a platform that gives people access to education of international standard and all-round development for the purpose of actualizing lifetime learning and aspirations.

  • Our Mantra 


Why Choose Uniabidjan?

  • Experienced faculty

Our faculty have professional experience in industry. Our lecturers – who have practical experience – would facilitate acquisition of technical/specialist knowledge, soft skills and entrepreneurial capabilities such as critical thinking, confidence, teamwork, emotional intelligence, decision making, efficient self-organization and people management.

    • Real learning

    Our interdisciplinary curriculum, developed in close collaboration with industry experts, is targeted at meeting industry needs as well as achieving high academic standards. Teaching is classroom-based, involving individual and group exercises, case studies, lectures, industrial placement, seminars and workshops. This will be completed with skills-based tutorials such as debating, creativity, innovation, presentation skills, and IT. Students have the option of language classes, for example business English.

    • Ideal location and conducive learning environment

    Our campus is located at central and easily accessible point in Abidjan. The campus environment is conducive for learning.

    • Opportunity to practice what you learn

    The UNIABIDJAN management science programmes encourage real world learning. Our business programmes feature experiential learning through case studies, research, internship placements with leading businesses, client projects, consulting and strategic planning.

    • Personalized attention

    Our Bachelors programmes are anchored by an exceptional team that gives each student personalized attention.

    • Our philosophy

    We want you to succeed in your chosen endeavour. The courses, faculty and support systems are designed to providing you with springboard to be successful in your chosen career or business.

    • We don’t just raise students, we raise brand

    We are creating graduates, professionals and entrepreneurs who will lead in frontline organizations and drive business innovations and growth.

    • We make you bilingual

    We provide a platform for learners and professionals to acquire knowledge with top-level lecturers and facilitators in a small class environment. Not just this, we also serve as a platform for you to be fluent English and French language speaker

      • Opportunity to practice what you learn

      We don’t just make you a learner, we make you a doer: we create opportunity for you to practice what you are learning in order to make you practically fit in the global market

If you would like to study in the university of Abidjan that focused on changing the world for better tomorrow, you’re choosing the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community with a full range of backgrounds.

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