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The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration offered at the University of Abidjan with concentrations in Management-Human Resources, Management-Marketing and Finance, is unique of its kind in a number of ways as it encompasses other support programs (Academic/non-Academic) in addition to what is normally offered.

Being a four-year program, our Bachelor of Business Administration is carefully designed to get our students acquainted with both the theoretical and the practical rudiments in core business including but not limited to courses in Finance, Business Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Innovation and Business Performance, Business Ethics and Sustainability, Business Strategy and Decision Making.

The University of Abidjan, in addition to all the aforementioned courses also trains her students in English and French Languages to make them leaders with less or no language barriers. In furtherance to this, they are gratified with weekly seminars anchored by invited guest speakers from diverse industries and under the auspices of the University’s Leaders’ Club.

This is to ensure that her students are given all the necessary skills needed to succeed in the modern diversified and changing business world.



Entry Requirement for a Bsc in Business Administration: 

The following are the minimum requirements for admissions into the UNIABIDJAN undergraduate programmes:

A. 4-year Programme (8 semesters)

B. 3-year Programme (6 semesters- Direct Entry)

Baccalaureate (BAC) or its equivalents in relevant subjects.Five (5) credits in ordinary level subjects (including Mathematics and English) in SSSCE, WASSCE or equivalent qualification Satisfactory score in The University admission test satisfactory score in English test for non-English speakers holders of Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSSCE) and West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) should please note: SSSCE Candidates: Credit Passes (A-D) in five (5) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, plus two (2) relevant elective subjects WASSCE Candidates: Credit Passes (A1-C6) in five (5) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, plus two (2) relevant elective subjects.

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) or its equivalents in relevant courses.Ordinary National Diploma (OND) National Certificate in Education ( NCE), HSC,A LEVELS, IJMB, or its equivalents Inter-transfer from accepted universities Satisfactory score in English test for non-English speakers.

C. 2-year Programme (4 semesters)

Inter-transfer from acceptable universities satisfactory score in English test for non-English speakers. Admission consideration: A transfer student must be a current student of the university from which he/she seeks to transfer with clean disciplinary record.Transfer student should possess the minimum University of Abidjan entry requirement and should have obtained this before entry into the university from where transfer is being sought. A transfer student should have made a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on a 5.00 point scale.

At the end of this program, all the competences acquired in the course of the program will equip the students to gain the necessary skills they need to activate their careers in a variety of business-oriented fields. They will also be exposed through practical and theoretical learning, to the business world requirements viz: flexibility, financial knowledge, critical thinking to cite just a few. This will help them as far as the creation of the organizational value is concerned.
Although a Bachelor of Business Administration degree holder could fit into almost all the facets of business-oriented professions, he will feel in his/her natural milieu and work efficiently in the following capacity : Business Consultant, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Human Resource Specialist and Financial Analyst. This list is not exhaustive.


Who Is...?

A business consultant is a professional with the duty of providing expert advice in a specific domain or activity. These domains are not necessarily limited to marketing or commercial activities. With the training gained at The University of Abidjan, our students will be equipped with a wide range of knowledge in specific fields and this will make them natural candidates as both internal and external business consultants in renowned companies.

A market research Analyst helps companies to specify the product they should be selling, identify their customers and guide them on how to successfully promote their products. S/he usually designs market surveys, train and supervise the Market Research Team who conduct the survey. Those research analysis guide business stakeholders in their various decisions.

The role of a Human Resource (HR) Specialist is to create, implement, and evaluate all human resource department policies, procedures, and structures; identify the company’s hiring needs and manage the recruitment process to ensure it runs smoothly; manage health and life insurance programs; develop employees skills by designing and implementing effective training and development plans. S/he also has the main responsibilities of developing compensation and benefits packages; maintaining employees’ records…The University of Abidjan Bachelor of Business Administration degree will equip you with the necessary skills to best meet up with the job requirements.

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