Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

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undergraduate academic degree that requires about four years of “full-time” study to complete. The students study aspects like Software Engineering, Computer (Hardware and Software) Design, Mathematics, Information Systems and more. The fundamentals of a Bachelor of Information Technology generally include Computer Hardware, Programming, Networking, and Computer Software among others.
Information Technology is a rapidly growing field, with computers and digital services becoming more and more integrated into everyday life. With technology constantly changing, the biggest challenge faced by many companies is trying to adapt and evolve. A large majority of companies need different levels of IT knowledge and expertise to operate effectively. Therefore, Information Technology degree holders are often in high demand around the world, with many opportunities available in wide variety of industries.


IT consultant

Mobile application developer

Software engineer

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into Information Technology , this is the best degree for you.




Studying Information Technology will prepare you for a career oriented towards working with computers and information technological gadgets and appliances, where you will apply not only acquired technical skills but also your own creative and innovative ability to solve problems, support innovation as well as improve communication between people. At the University of Abidjan, our Bachelor of Information Technology gives our students an encompassing program package that takes into account both the theoretical and the practical aspects of IT. In the course of the practical aspect, we invite specialists who come to take practical sessions with our students and expose them to the problems they are likely to encounter once they are on the field. Below are some of the career options opened to our graduates.

Computer Support Specialist

Preparing for a Computer Support Specialist position can begin by enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Whether working for an organization that develops, sells or uses computer systems, Computer Support Specialists provide much-needed technical assistance, support and advice to individuals and organizations. They resolve computer-related problems. They are also involved in writing training manuals and the training of users.

Computer System Engineer

Also opened to our Bachelor of Information Technology, is the ability to set their careers rolling in the field of Computer Engineering. Our Bachelor of Information Technology is intentionally conceived to ensure that our students can venture in the realm of Computer Engineering. They will repair, design, install and maintain the computer system effortlessly. Our program also entails the configuration of servers, and the creation of effective and efficient user documentation.

Software Developer

Another career option opened to our graduates specialized in Bachelor of Information Technology is their ability to easily write codes and develop programs. Our curriculum is deliberately coined to equip our students with all they need in order to write codes and computer programs with ease. The nature of our course work will permit them to invent both simple and complex applications which are much needed in all walks of life these days.

Database Administrators (DBAs)

A Database Administrator is a person whose work revolves around technology. S/he uses specialized types of software to store and organize a company’s data. These data could be of various type viz: confidential figures, health record, salary data, customer shipping records… A Database Administrator makes sure that the company’s data is safeguarded and easily accessed by the authorized personnel while maintaining strict confidentiality and at the same time avoiding loss, tampering and/or corruption within the organizational setup. In fact, s/he maintains and ensures security, integrity and the performance of the company’s databases. In today’s world, we have a lot of data-intensive organizations. On that premise, the DBAs are highly demanded. The University of Abidjan, through its Bachelor program in IT, makes sure that you are ready to embrace this career and confidently wallow in all the opportunities it offers.

Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers primary duty is to create, maintain and implement the source code to develop mobile applications and programs that meet the needs and requirements of the clients using computer programming languages. Mobile Application Developers create software for phones and tablets. They have a deep knowledge of the latest technologies in the mobile world. They are good at IT programming and have an in-depth knowledge of the different computer languages. We believe that, during your academic journey at the University of Abidjan, you will acquire the requisite skills to excellently exercise the functions of a Mobile Application Developer.