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We opt for technological-driven education

U e-LS

UNIABIDJAN e-Learning System


Why e-Learning System

In 2020, the world plunged into uncertain times as the COVID-19 virus continues to post as a threat to everyone. Schools across the globe were closed down indefinitely to protect students, teachers, and staff from possible infection. In fact, a study by UNESCO said that almost 1.2 billion of students in 143 countries were affected by the pandemic.


But thanks to the intervention  of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, students can carry on with their education. Schools, colleges, and universities are shifting away from the four-walls of their classrooms and are taking advantage of the digital space. A recent study shows that educational institutions are willing to invest up to $350 billion on education technology by 2025. This includes tools like video conferencing, virtual tutoring, and, most importantly, learning management systems (U e-LS).

Study on the Go!

Our LMS is software solutions that manage administration, monitoring, and reporting of our online courses and training programs within our school programmes. It serves as our virtual classroom where lecturers  interact with students and conduct learning activities online.

This learning solution is essential in order to make education accessible to everyone everywhere.  Here are some of the reasons we are including this system into our education standard.


1. Provide continuity in education

During the last pandemic a large percentage of the world’s educational institutions was forced to shut down schools in the hopes of minimizing harm on their students, teachers, and staff. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the academic year should be put on hold. With technology nowadays, online education was paid full attention and also nurtured into a full grown education system that was fully accepted globally as the only means to continue education

With our virtual classrooms, despite the distance, students still learned and studied in their respective homes. Likewise, teachers kept on with conducting their lectures and educating the students. We provides the flexibility and accessibility they need to ensure normalcy in their day to day routine.

With the e-learning system, students don’t have to be on campus before they can take part in their class activities. They only need internet connectivity and a device to attend school. In this way, physical distance and location won’t be an issue for both students and teachers.

2. Ensures health and safety

Just as education is important, health and safety are also parts of the top priority of every organization government and individuals. Hence, our institution opted for the best virtual classroom, where we can continue operations while also ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

With e-learning system, students, teachers, and staff didn't have to brave out the threat of exposure to the virus. 


3. Guarantees effectivity in online learning

One possible concern with online learning is how no one can guarantee its effectiveness. Learning from home is a whole different experience compared to learning inside a classroom or a conducive learning space. Students and teachers can easily be distracted and unable to focus when they are in the comforts of their homes.

Fortunately, we have included focus mode feature to make sure students and lecturers are not distracted. Also, all our online activities are time-based. Users are therefore obliged to pay more attention to beat the running time. We also include tools and features that help simulate experiences and activities that usually happen within a traditional classroom. Lecturers can post and upload powerpoint presentations on the platform. They can distribute supplementary learning materials to their students in the course, post reminders, hand out assignments, and administer tests.

The e-learning system offers integration of multimedia content such as videos, links, document sharing, live conferences, and even top virtual tour software. Likewise, the system serves as a centralized repository of learning materials relevant to the course. It makes them all easily accessible, copied, and downloaded by anyone enrolled in the course

Accessible Education For All

Anywhere, anytime

University Management System (UMS)

In our quest for technological innovations, we always long to create automation and computerization to make things easier for the university to manage our students enrollment, admissions, fees collection, conducting examinations, etc. This cloud based university management system software manages all our activities efficiently and precisely.


University Management System

Students are able to collaborate with their lecturers to schedule make-up classes, manage attendance and timetable. Students also have access to their downloadable transcript upon authorization from the University.

Academic Calendar and Calendar of Events are also accessible to students

UNIABIDJAN Space (U-Space)

U-Space is a file sync and share software for all the University of Abidjan’s students and staff members: from individuals

operating the U-Space Server in the privacy of their own home, to large executive members and partners. U-Space provides a safe, secure, and compliant file synchronization and sharing solution on servers that you control.

You can share one or more files and folders on your computer, and synchronize them with your U-Space server. Place files in

your local shared directories, and those files are immediately synchronized to the server and to other devices using the

U-Space Desktop Sync Client, Android app, or iOS app. To learn more about the U-Space desktop and mobile clients.

U-Space Whiteboard

Thinking outside the box has helped us to come up with our own innovative idea to develop our own whiteboard which is capable of hosting six simultaneous classes with 40 participants in each.

This enables us to reach out to our students who live afar, even across the ocean.

Lecturers and students are able to communicate effectively in real-time mode without problem.

With U-Space Whiteboard, lectures are fun and easy. It also worth mentioning that our U-Space is reliable and secure


Basics of U-Space Whiteboard

U-Space Whiteboard lets lecturers and students chat and have video calls with all learning tools within the reach.

Chats and calls take place in conversations. Lecturer can create any number of conversations. There are two kinds of


  1. One-on-one conversations. This is where you have a private chat or call with another Talk user. You can’t add

other people to this conversation or share it with a link. You start a direct one-on-one chat by looking for another

user in the search bar and then clicking their name.

  1. Group conversations. Besides the person who created the conversation, a group conversation can have any

number of people in it. A group conversation can be shared publicly with a link, so external guest users can join a call. It can also be listed, so other people on your U-Space server can join the conversation.



We dream of a world, when students can go to school without having to dodge bullets. 

Academic Director