Four Schools in which to pursue your passions

UNIABIDJAN Leadership Institute (ULI)

At ULI, our aim is to help you discover and unlock your immense innate qualities. Our faculties will walk with you on an unusual journey to self-discovery and you will be readied to become a leader in any chosen field of endeavour. You will soon discover that learning the fundamentals of business may not be enough to prepare you for the rapidly evolving global business space. To make strategic contribution to this business evolution requires real leadership mentoring. At ULI you will see the world differently. ULI currently runs first degree programmes in Business Management, Accounting-Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Information Technology and the MBA programmes in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource and Management.

UNIABIDJAN College for Professional Studies (UCPS)

UCPS is our French equivalent of ULI (UNIABIDJAN Leadership Institute). The college deals purely in French programmes – from the Brevet de Technicien Supérieure (BTS) through to Licence and Master 1 & 2. The College currently runs the BTS, Licence and Master Degree programmes in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Management.

UNIABIDJAN Language Academy (ULA)

Learn easily, Speak fluently…
The Language Academy is focused in promoting the study French and English languages and cultures. ULA promises to provide a central meeting place where the English and French languages will be shared and promoted. Students of ULA shall also benefit from strong cultural exchanges.
It is more than just a language school, but a great Academy for the mastery of French and English languages.Our approach and offering are eclectic; we offer classes to varying target audiences; at different levels in order to achieve different objectives. From children to students, adults and professionals, we are particular about the needs of each student-type and offer very adaptive approach to teaching.
ULA offers:
• English Intensive Programme
• English for Managers and Professionals
• Preparatory classes for TOAEFL, SAT, IELTS, GRE and GMAT
• Language Classes and Readers Club for Children and Youth
• French Intensive French for Professionals
• Preparatory classes for DELF, DALF, TCF
• Official TOEFL Test Centre
• Translation and Interpretation Services
• Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese
• English/French language learning via WhatsApp

UNIABIDJAN Centre for Entrepreneurship and Languages (UCEL)

The Centre has as core mission to provide highly focused programs which explore specific topics on business development and support services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), business leaders as well as professionals. They are usually high impact learning to meet your exact career or company’s needs.
The Centre also offers bespoke capacity building courses in-house for Start-ups Up-starts and professionals. These programs could come in form of advisory services, experts-in-residence, tutelage, development and implementation of strategic organizational plans, network brokering and access to market.
We challenge thoughts, processes and procedures to bring the best to Business improvement.Our custom programs provide an intensive, on-campus learning experience that helps executives to strengthen their leader ship skills and expand their perspectives. Whether your company is looking to groom more strategic leaders, implement organizational change, or overcome an obstacle to growth, we’ll work with you to build a cohesive program that meets your needs.
Some of the awards and certificates learners can get from our centre include but not limited to:
 Award in Employability Skills: Making the Move to Work
 Award in Setting Up Your Own Business
 Certificate in Business Essentials
 Certificate in Business Start-Up
 Award in Digital Marketing Essentials for Small Businesses