UNIABIDJAN Leadership Institute

At ULI, our aim is to help you discover and unlock your immense innate qualities. Our faculties will walk with you on an unusual journey to self-discovery and you will be readied to become a leader in any chosen field of endeavour. You will soon discover that learning the fundamentals of business may not be enough to prepare you for the rapidly evolving global business space. To make strategic contribution to this business evolution requires real leadership mentoring.


At ULI, you will see the world differently. We currently run a four-year first degree (Bachelor) and second degree (MBA) programmes as follows:

Business Management

Our business and management courses will help you further your career with communication, networking and project management courses.

Business Management and Marketing

Developed with input from different marketing firms with the aim of developing the next generation of marketing specialists.

Business Management and HR

Cover all the key areas of marketing, alongside core business subjects, to gain a strong foundation for working in marketing management.


Computing with Business Management

Computing with Cyber Security

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