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Our MBA programs are led by an esteemed faculty of business experts, industry leaders, and visionary educators. Our faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded and enriching learning experience. With a commitment to academic excellence and professional growth, our faculty prepares students for success in their respective fields.

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/ Liam Oliver

The MBA in Financial Management enables students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of financial theory: market finance, corporate finance, banking and insurance. It will enable students to analyse the organization of financial systems at the national and international levels; to understand and explain the interrelationships between the national and international financial environment in which administrations, public authorities and organizations make their decisions.

On the other hand, in terms of skills, it will enable them to design, through financial engineering, financial packages and innovative financial products useful to companies and financial market players; to manage risk in financial institutions, to analyse the evolution of the prices of listed financial securities, negotiated in trading rooms, etc.

Unlocking a World of Opportunities
Upon completion of this program

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to: Master corporate and market finance, understand the functioning of financial institutions and financial markets, Carry out all financial operations of a company or a financial institution, perform complex financial analyses, Act as financiers of financial institutions and companies, excel in the banking and insurance professions: credit analysts, financial advisors, actuaries, auditors, investment managers, operations managers, account managers, financial managers, etc.

Thus, the program is structured around the following three axes: Transmitting the basic knowledge and concepts of the main accounting and finance disciplines, Familiarizing oneself with the techniques necessary for the practice of these disciplines, and finally, Putting these disciplines into perspective with the existing economic, financial and legal environment.

Cause for Probation and/or Dismissal from the UNIABIDJAN MBA Program

The following can result in an intervention plan and/or dismissal from the program: 

  1. Insubordination to Program and/or university personnel;
  2. Failure to comply with the rules and regulation or policies which leads to concerns by the institution administrator. (This applies to actions outside the classroom as well as in the classroom.);
  3. Failure to pay fees in a timely manner;
  4. History of excessive absences or tardiness;
  5. Falsification of information or documents;
  6. Failure to maintain GPA requirements;
  7. Failure to comply with instruction requirements;
  8. Failure to complete all program requirements within three (3) years of first semester of enrolment. This will result in automatic dismissal with no intervention plan.

For learners whose level in English is not up to that of a native speaker, the practice of English by students is a permanent concern of UNIABIDJAN, which justifies the existence of a Language Laboratory. From the first to the last year of the curriculum, students progress through a program of English instruction that takes them, after an initial test, from beginners to intermediate to specialty English.



Each semester after final examinations, instructors post a grade for each student by university deadlines. The grades are entered into MyUNIABIDJAN and will be available for students to view and/or print by going to MyUNIABIDJAN and entering their login information and password. The instructor may assign a weight to a letter grade; however, the common letter grades and points are: 

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