Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages
Embracing Diversity through Language and Culture

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages at The University of Abidjan (UNIABIDJAN). Our renowned faculty offers dynamic programs that foster linguistic versatility and cultural understanding. With a focus on applied language studies, we empower students to become effective communicators and bridge the gap between diverse cultures.


Our programs at the Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages are thoughtfully structured to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. The duration of our bachelor's degree programs typically spans four years, with stimulating opportunities.

Dean of Faculty: Under the esteemed leadership of Professor Jacques Dupont, our Dean of the Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages, we cultivate an environment of linguistic excellence and cultural appreciation. Professor Dupont's expertise and passion inspire our students to embrace foreign languages as a means of global connection.

Program Offerings: At the Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages, we offer a diverse range of programs, including:

  1. Bachelor of Confrence
  2. Interpretation and Translation

Embracing Multilingual Opportunities: Our faculty believes in the transformative power of language proficiency in today's interconnected world. We encourage our students to explore various languages, cultures, and international contexts, preparing them for exciting global opportunities.

Unite Cultures through Language: Join us at the Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages, where you'll embark on an enriching journey of language acquisition and cross-cultural understanding. As a part of our vibrant community, you'll develop linguistic versatility and gain insights into diverse societies. Together, let's unite cultures through language and build a harmonious global community.

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Professor Jacques Dupont


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